Why Buyers Choose Us

Experience counts.

Let’s not miss a property: Our team works diligently to find you the home that you love. Comprehensive searches, cutting edge MLS app, email alerts and most importantly communication with other agents to learn about homes before they hit the market!

Let’s not lose a property: Our contract and negotiating strategies will help you present your strongest offer, while protecting your interests.  We have successfully navigated home buyers through the toughest market conditions seen in generations.

Let’s not pay too much: We negotiate aggressively on your behalf, to ensure that you get the best property for the best terms/price.

Let’s be sure nothing is wrong with it: We help you through inspections and then negotiate punch list items with sellers.

Experience: Our team has years of experience dealing with all types of sales and successfully managing issues that arise during a transaction.

Service: To serve another is to put their needs ahead of ours. Sure, we have to earn a living and support our families, but we do enough business so don’t worry about a paycheck. Instead, we focus on what’s best for our clients and the rest takes care of itself. You should have the expectation that we’ll always go above and beyond.

Fiduciary: Protecting your money is our highest duty.  We take our solemn obligation of honest and fair dealing very seriously, and that applies to all parties in a transaction. Our reputation is the life blood of our business and we will never do anything to compromise it.

Knowledge: If you can find someone who knows the Marin real estate market better than we do, hire them. Lots of real estate agents work here and there and are part-time. We are not among them. It is our business to know the ins and outs of Marin real estate and we practice our craft each and every day.

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Kevin and Erin McGinnis
Realtors, Team McGinnis

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